I am a Psychic and Medium

I have an app called Spirit Dice and I am an author of Tune Into the Magic Within


I have a book that I have written called "Tune Into the Magic Within" and also my other book called Arc Ancient, which is soon to have the Hay House Brand. I also have a free app called "Spirit Dice" which you can find in the app store, and google play right now. Just type in spirit dice and the app will show up. Be sure to shake the phone and wait until all of the alphabetical dice fill the entire screen. My website for the app is in Wix and you can find it by going on to Wix websites and type in spirit dice. I will be updating it so it's easier to find soon.  The app is free and it'sin the app store and it will help the user to get in touch with lost loved one's who have passed on their phone.  I also have a television show called "Honor the Magic Within". I also have a Facebook page for my public figure profile page under Jane Voneman Psychic and Medium.  Look for my app at and directions of use at: ladybutterfly1059.wixsite.com/spiritdice. 

I offer you peace, comfort and inner bliss.


I do Psychic readings and I listen to my spirit guides and higher power to help and guide you. I am clairvoyant, so I see visions, also I am clairaudiant, so I hear words or full sentences from your spirits on the other side, or from my spirit guides to help you with all your decisions. I channel your loved one's who have passed. I offer on stage sessions as a medium, so call me to schedule a group audience style session.

  My fees are $100.00 per private consult and I also offer phone readings. I accept cash or credit cards. I dedicate my psychic gifts to the highest good and God. I can also help find missing people or objects. I have a gift that is like no other psychic in the world. I also perform remote viewings allowing me  to see a movie screen like image. I have channeled messages for the Queen of England from her Father in Spirit. 

Come to a magical experience


I am one of the top psychic and Mediums in the U.S. because of my rare gift that no other psychic or medium has. I use the elements of magic to incorporate a twist of spirit in the reading. so be prepared for a reading like you have never experienced before. I will take you into a new vortex of energy and vibration so that you elevate yourself higher. Helping you to make all the correct decisions in your life regarding your career, love life, finances or any question you may have. My clients are 100 percent satisfied. I will be listing some new testimonials shortly on the testimonial page. Love and Light. I look forward to doing your reading. Come join me in the magic!